Discipleship Groups are flexible and focused gatherings of 3-4 people of your choosing (guys mtg with guys and girls mtg with girls). 

They exist because we see the need for other Christians to point us to the Word, help us see Jesus, celebrate victories and pray with us when we fall. Discipleship Groups are a way for believers to purposefully come together, discuss the Word, bow to its authority and strive to keep it Christ-centered, Gospel-driven and Scripture focused (not sin-centered). The goal is to fight for faith and against sin, the flesh, and the devil and do so believing the promises of God found in Scripture.

Here’s how it could work: attend a Community Group, find 2-3 believers from your Community Group (or another Community Group within the church) to meet with weekly or every other week. Make a text your initial focus, devotionally read the same chapter from a book of the Bible before you meet, and then come together to talk about it.

“Jesus frees me from trying to impress God or others because he has impressed God on my behalf…I cling to a perfect Christ.” – Jonathan Dodson

This is part of what it looks like to set our hearts and minds on Jesus.

For more information, read the following resources:
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