Our prayer is for us to be a church full of disciples who are making disciples. But what does that look like? How do we go about making disciples? For six years IMITATE has been an 11-month, interactive class with an emphasis on theology and Christian leadership. Last year we took a new approach and loved it. The idea is for a pastor and additional leader to meet with a small group of men for four months, twice a month, in a home. The goal? Read through the Gospel of Mark together, explore the beauty of this Gospel account and learn how to walk others through it on our own. We’ll also discuss parts of a short but powerful book on Leadership titled Gospel Centered Leadership.

We want our time to be simple, personal and above all, reproducible. The two books we ask each participant to purchase are: Gospel Centered Leadership by Steve Timmis and One to One by Dave Helm.

We’re aware that leadership development isn’t simply a matter of completing a class or reading a book. IMITATE is a tool that will provide a setting for potential transformation, but ultimately it’s the Holy Spirit who changes us. Due to the nature of the group, IMITATE is by “invitation only” however if the description above stirs your heart, or if you have any questions about it, please contact Daryn Kinney by calling the church office.