*Some names in this transcript have been changed for the protection of those abroad.

If you’ve been part of the GCCC family for a while, you know that as a church, one of our biggest missional
endeavors has been to reach the local college campus…the University of South Florida. We’re bringing
answers to hard questions that students may have, we’re teaching them what it means to follow Jesus,
we’re equipping them to make disciples of Jesus, and hopefully as we do all of this…we are a blessing to
the campus community. I want to highlight a few people and some fruit of this ministry we call CoMission
that all of you who are part of Gulf Coast have a role in.

Jordan’s two year residency with CoMission (which she started soon after she graduated) has recently
finished. Our two year residency program was designed to be a training and evaluation program with
residents spending one year here and then one year overseas serving full time in a paid position. Due to
security issues in East Asia and then a pandemic, Jordan has had to learn the meaning of “being flexible”
like she never imagined. Jordan has shown resolve. She takes projects and runs with them. She’s always
spending time with different girls from the campus, she’s a great teacher, she brings helpful organization
to our ministry team and overall she has helped us be a more effective ministry. A cool thing to know if
you don’t …she’s getting married to Logan in a month…who she met while she was supposed to be in
East Asia. God has plans.

Next I want to highlight John and Hannah Cummings. John and Hannah’s two year residency is also
finished. They too were supposed to go to East Asia for the second year of their residency. Instead they
doubled down and have helped shape our ministry in ways that I think God truly knew we needed. For
those of you who know John and Hannah, the same depth, care, and love they have expressed to you as
a church family…that is what they have shown daily to college students. Over the years they have opened
up their lives, their apartment, they’ve cooked a bunch of food as they’ve ministered to college students
and others here at GCCC. They are huge assets to CoMission as a ministry and I treasure their input, their
initiative, and their leadership. I’ve learned a lot from them! Their two year residency went in ways they
could never expect. They even began dating and got married during that time.
Another update I want to give you Gulf coast is that this Summer, John and Hannah are taking a small
team of students to Seattle who will be partnering with a local church to reach the nearby Muslim
community. John and Hannah are overseeing this entire trip and we ask that you keep this trip and their
team in prayer.

Lastly, K and R have been part of our ministry to the campus since near the beginning and they
are about to make a massive life-change that we’ve been praying about for a long time.
When we met K and R, R was trying to follow Jesus but didn’t have anyone to show him what
that meant and K was still trying to understand the gospel. Over the years in college they both
became compelled to line their lives up for overseas mission work…with the goal of doing what they were
doing on our local campus but on another campus that has little access to the gospel. Since graduating,
they’ve gotten married (yes there’s a trend here) and K’s job as a physician’s assistant has been her mission field. Just like in college…she has brought the hope of Jesus to her boss and her co-workers.

R has been on staff with CoMission and he’s labored among people of all different spiritual
In a few months, K and R are headed to a pivotal city in the middle east to work alongside a
missionary team we have deeply partnered with over the years. The H’s have gone through a lot of
training, and still have more…. They’ve pretty much sold everything, and soon they’ll be spending most
of their time learning Arabic. The hope is that they can plant the gospel in their new city and raise up
local college students who will enter places we could never go. Also, we hope eventually they will be able
to receive student teams that we send them to serve and be equipped in a different context.
I wanted to use this time to encourage you, Gulf Coast. CoMission does not exist apart from this local
church and the grace of God.