COMission is GCCC’s outreach to college students and is also a student organization at USFSP! We focus on investing in college students to be Jesus followers and world-changing leaders for the fame of Jesus Christ. We hope to reach the campus and then the world as we serve, equip, and send students with the gospel.


DNA Groups -These small groups meet throughout the week and across the campus at various times. These student-led groups are where students read the Bible and talk about it, they consider the claims of Christianity, and they discuss what it means to follow Jesus. These groups are discipleship starts, leaders are made, and community forms.

Community Groups (Thursday’s, 7:30 PM)– We meet in two separate houses, off-campus, for a time of dinner, discussion, and worship. People of all different ages and backgrounds are part of these groups and are all united by their love for Jesus and their desire to reach USFSP with the gospel. Attending one of these scheduled meetings is a good place to start forming relationships that carry on throughout the week and into every area of life. We love seeing non-students and students using their various gifts and abilities to build one another up as they live lives of gospel intentionality.

Gospel Appointments – These happen all throughout the week. Students meet across campus, at varying times, to meet new people, get their story, share their own stories, and then share THE STORY of the Gospel.

Prayer Meetings – We believe prayer is BIG. We meet every Monday to pray for our campus, our friends reaching students in China and for a different place in the world every week. We also try to prayer walk on campus, in small groups, as much as we can.


We want every student to be able to consider the claims of Jesus and what that means for their life, now. We also believe that the God of the Bible is worth following with all of your life. Join in to find other students who are looking for answers to life’s hardest questions and finding them. Also, the COMission community will walk alongside you in your college experience as you follow Jesus to equip you to be a world-changing leader for the fame of Jesus Christ.

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