Building a faithful Gospel witness for this generation and the next


The Gospel—God’s revelation of Himself in Jesus Christ—is at the center of our values.

Love the Gospel

Everything the church stands for grows out of the Gospel. This account of the redemption that was achieved by the life and work of Jesus Christ is focal point of all Scripture, and the reason for our hope. The Gospel must always be cherished and never neglected.

Live the Gospel

When the Gospel bears fruit in us, we are conformed to the image of the central character of the Story—Jesus Christ. Transformed by the power of the Savior, we will study the scriptures to grow in our knowledge of God, and allow that knowledge to shape every aspect of who we are, how we think, and what we do. That is what we mean by “living the Gospel.”

Advance the Gospel

The Gospel is the Story of how God the Redeemer seeks and saves the lost. As we are conformed to His image we will live to advance the Gospel: through prayer, by communicating the story to others, and through sacrificial living and giving in order to see the Gospel reach others.

For more information about our beliefs, please read our Statement of Faith.