Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Advent 2021 | Book: Romans

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

One headline reporting on the collapse of the condo tower in Miami on June 24 of this year reads, “Security footage from inside Florida condo captures moments just before collapse as debris rains and building groans.” Describing the moment when the video ends, it reads, “a deep groaning emits from the building just before it crumbles to the ground 12 stories below.”

What was your response when you heard about it? Didn’t you groan? I did. And I do every time I watch the evening news. The other night, Donna let out an audible groan upon hearing about the abuse of a 2-year-old within hours of being reunited with his mother. I had done the same thing when I heard the news earlier that day.

Groaning is something all people and all of creation have in common because suffering is something we have in common. What are the things that cause you to groan? Maybe the loss of a child or a parent? Maybe the brokenness of the world? Could it be your marriage or lack thereof? Or your children rejecting the good you so long for them to have? Or your parents? Maybe a lost job, or a cruel boss? Or lost peace or security or a sense of safety? Is it “never having enough” to get to the next paycheck?

Handout: http://gccc.net/2021/11/20211128.pdf