Speaker: Jerry Cisar

In studying our text this Sunday, Acts 9:1-31, I started out making a common error. I kept looking at it as though Saul was the main character. However, a simple highlighting of every reference to Jesus reveals clearly that Jesus is the main actor in this scene, not Saul. Christ is not only unhindered by Saul and his murderous intent, but Saul comes under Christ’s power and direction.

Our text begins with Saul wanting to make prisoners of believers and ends with Saul as a prisoner of the Lord. In fact Saul will spend the rest of his life setting people free and, instead of bringing them to Jerusalem bound as he intended, he will be leading these freed people to the New Jerusalem.

Join us Sunday morning as we explore Saul’s conflict with Christ, Christ’s conquest of Saul, Christ’s mission for Saul, and Saul’s proclamation of Christ. Not only is this text about Christ, and about His call and conquest of Saul, it is also about Christ’s call and conquest of your heart and mine.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2014/08/20140817.pdf