Costly Love – Luke 7:36-50

September 4, 2016

Speaker: Daryn Kinney | Book: Luke

Speaker: Daryn Kinney

Everyone in town knew who she was; everyone knew she was a “sinner” because her sins were public. She was most likely a prostitute. As she entered the home of a local religious leader and approached the table where Jesus was reclining, she fell at his feet. She was undoubtedly full of emotion as her tears landed on Jesus’ feet. The room must have been absolutely frozen; the people would have been horrified wondering, “What in the world is going on, who’s going to stop this madness? Certainly Jesus will put a stop to this! Why is he letting her approach him and even touch him!” But Jesus doesn’t stop her and it gets even more shocking. This Sunday we’ll explore Luke 7:36-50. The story is filled with offensive content – from the town prostitute, to the highly esteemed religious leader, to Jesus himself. But what’s the point? That’s what we’ll explore.