Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Book: Matthew

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

I’ve seen a lot of church and school Christmas plays which involve the magi, or as they are commonly called, the wisemen. As a child I was a shepherd, but never one of the wisemen, I’m not sure if they were telling me something. However, I’ve never seen the whole scene, massacre of the children included, included in a play.

Wrestling through this tragedy, which really happened, and happened as a result of the birth of Christ, or even, in order that Christ would be spared, is not easy, and certainly not pleasant to think about. And though the bible doesn’t always answer such questions, it demonstrates that God transforms even the worst tragedies into redemptive realities, into places where the kingdom of heaven has truly come near.

Tomorrow, once again, I will not be dressed as a wiseman but only as one who practices the foolishness of preaching. As we explore Matthew 2, we will do so under three headings: The Fools; The Kings; and The Children. In the end, we must recognize that we are fools and not kings, in order that we may become one of the children.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2018/12/20181223.pdf