Gospel Culture

January 8, 2023

Why do we exist? Not, “Why do you exist as a person?” but “Why do we exist as a church?” What is our purpose? What is essential to our existence, without which our witness, our lampstand would be removed? I think there is more than one answer to that question, but one of those is certainly that we display a Gospel culture here on earth as it is in heaven.

In a day when culture wars have replaced the cold war, when animosity between activists on either side are rampant and raging, what is it that we, the church, a church, are called to strive for? What kind of culture can we strive to exhibit that, when eternity comes, will remain?

While there are many things which are passing away that are ordained by God (such as marriage and government), there are eternal things which shall remain. The temporal things are worthy of our time and care as believers, but the eternal things are central to the mission of the church. What are these which we must pursue as the mission of the church?

This Sunday we will begin a series Gospel Witness: the Reason for Our Existence, beginning with a look at Gospel culture and why it is essential to our purpose.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2023/01/20230108.pdf