Speaker: Ryan Carver | Series: The Story of God's Mission | Book: Genesis

Speaker: Ryan Carver

What can God do about the brokenness of humanity, the earth, and the nations?

Do these questions hit home? Maybe your kids are asking, “Where is God?”, “Why didn’t he heal that person?”

Maybe your neighbors are asking, “If there is a God, why do the nations rage? Why is there so much evil?”

We all experience this broken world together. When we hear the groans of our friends or those we cross paths with in our city, we should listen to their complaints just like God listens to us when we cry out about the hardships in this world. But, we can also give those around us hope.

As we look at Genesis 12 this Sunday, we’ll learn some of the main threads of the biblical storyline. This text may be the most pivotal section of scripture in which the mission of God is clearly laid out, we see God’s role, and we see our role. Genesis 12 is where we really begin to see the “genesis” of the unfolding redemptive rescue mission of God. And of course, it all points us to Jesus!