“I am always turning my ears to the music of streams. There is indeed a music in streams, but it is not for the hurried. It has to be loitered by and imagined. Or imagined toward, for it is hardly for men at all. Nature has a patient ear. To her the slowest funeral march sounds like a jig.… The ear must imagine an impossible patience in order to grasp… such music.” (Wendell Berry)

For the believer, much like nature’s music, we are called to march to the beat of a different drummer, a slow beat, a patient rhythm. In order to hear it, to perceive it, we must pray. As we pray, and purposefully march in rhythm with this patience, God works. Learning this rhythm is key to understanding how we are going to fulfill our missional priorities as a church.

How will we accomplish these grand goals of Gospel culture, Gospel formation, Gospel mercy, Gospel outreach, and Gospel unity? Simply put, it requires prayer, purpose, and patience. Prayerful pursuit of these priorities, purposeful living toward them, and much, much patience.

Join us in worship as we begin to answer the “how” question of our missional priorities.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2023/02/20230219.pdf