Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Book: 1 John

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Imagine a “google” navigation system for the journey of life. Prior to Easter, you could say, “Navigate to a better life.” or “Navigate to a a good marriage, loving children, and a decent retirement.” Although it would do its best to give you a journey that looked as much as possible like it was on the right track, the program code has an underlying default—every route is on a journey to death. “Navigate to life” automatically became “Navigate through some great scenery on the way to the cemetery.”

Easter sets our lives on a whole new journey. It adds a destination into our “google maps” that was not in their before. Death was the end of the journey, and the code had no way to program around it, or beyond it. The end of the journey was the tomb. This is why Jesus, when He joined us in our humanity, was set on a journey—a journey to death. If God were to be truly united with us in our humanity, His journey would have to end in death. And it did.

Death is where Easter morning begins, but it is not where it ends! Easter adds a whole new destination to the journey: life! Not death, but life. When they laid Jesus in the tomb, they had every reason to believe that Jesus had arrived at the destination—the only destination. But Easter added a whole new destination to the programming mode! We can now say, “Navigate to Life” in and through Jesus Christ. And that changes everything.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2018/04/20180401.pdf