Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Alfred Poirier, in The Peacemaking Pastor, suggests that unresolved conflicts between Christians have less to do with people lacking skills than with them being sinful. We could teach people all the processes and procedures in the world and do little to solve conflicts because the problem is in our hearts.

What is that problem in our hearts? In broadest terms, pride must be exchanged for humility. More specifically, Poirier offers that “real change comes… through a renewed vision of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the engine that drives the train of reconciliation.”

The Gospel must be the engine powering the culture which God desires any church to have. In some respects, I am preaching the same message as last week from a different angle. Last week, in Kingdom Culture part 1, we explored gentleness or meekness as essential to Christ’s kingdom culture. This week, in Kingdom Culture part 2, we are exploring the essential starting places to begin developing such a culture.

This message carries the same awkwardness as last week’s message. I am speaking about very real problems we face as a church, all the while knowing that not only do I have to grow in these areas, I am also blind to the ways I need to grow most. So I appeal that you hear me as your brother in Christ who knows this applies to me as much as it applies to you. I can only hope that you hear it as applying to you as much as it applies to me.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2022/02/20220213.pdf