Speaker: Jerry Cisar

There are several superpower tests you can take on the internet to determine what your superpower is. This morning I took the one put out by the Des Moines Area Community College. According to them, heroes aren’t born, they’re made with internet quizzes. It turns out that my superpower is invisibility. Many such tests target an audience of kids and are for fun; others are intended for corporate interviewing and impact your employment.

In John 3:19—4:6, John wants the faithful believers who have remained in the faith, resisted the lies of the false teachers, and labored to love one another to know their real superpower. The center of our superpower is not in us, however, but in God who is our Father who dwells in us by the Spirit of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Why do we need a superpower? John identifies two problems that the disciples in his churches battled. Arguably they are battles that all believers have. The first problem is that our hearts condemn us. The second, the enemy wants to deceive us. John’s solution? That God is greater in specific ways that speaks to each of these.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2020/10/20201025.pdf