Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Kavin Rowe writes that the goal of biblical leadership is “to cultivate thriving communities that bear witness to the inbreaking reign of God that Jesus announces and embodies, in all that we do and are. That is our goal: Christian communities that are a picture of and testament to God’s reign.”

To reach this goal, pastors must keep repeating Jesus’ message of God’s reign and how we are to live in light of it. As a church, we must allow Jesus’ kingdom message to shape our imaginations into conformity with God’s perspective of what’s the right way of doing things in order that we might see how to live as a witness, a testament, to God’s reign, His kingdom.

Between Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, Jesus focuses his conversation on the kingdom, or reign, of God (Acts 1:1-11). Join us this week as we pick up where we left off and explore more of what Jesus was saying about the kingdom of God. That is the apostolic message and drove the church forward in Acts. It is also the message which must shape our own message and drive the church forward today.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2021/01/20210124.pdf