Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Book: Proverbs

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

One of the best scenes in all the Indiana Jones movies is toward the end of “The Last Crusade” as Indy is seeking the holy grail, the cup of Christ from the last supper. Indy and his Nazi opponent are in a cave and, in order to obtain the grail and survive, they have to choose the cup from a wall of cups and drink from it. The Nazi officer asks, “Which one is it?” and the chained-centuries-old-man sitting there says, “You must choose. Choose wisely. For as the true grail will bring you life, the false grail will take it from you.”

The German officer allows the woman with him to choose for him, he takes it saying, “It is more beautiful than I’ve ever imagined.” After drinking, he is consumed from within, aging into a horror show of his own, to which the chained-old-man responds, “He chose… poorly!” Indy then chooses wisely and survives.

The purpose of this week’s text is to set the same choice before the young son… before each son. And the father uses every thing available to persuade his son to choose wisely. Proverbs 5 is not just about who we are not to have sex with when we are married, but also about who we are to marry and why. It speaks to us about what kind of men or women we will be. It speaks to husbands about priorities they must maintain with their wives.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2015/04/20150426.pdf