Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Slaves of Christ | Book: Philippians

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Jacques Ellul, a philosopher, spoke about how to destroy money’s controlling power over our lives. He said, “There is one act par excellence which profanes money … an act for which money is not made. This act is giving. … giving attacks something sacred.” Money desires to be our god, but when we give it away, we break its controlling power over us. But there is more.

Money is transactional—a means of exchange. Something occurs between two parties with each exchange. When I go to a restaurant and give them money, I expect service. When your company pays you, they expect that you have done your job. If they find out otherwise, they fire you. We wouldn’t dare enter a working relationship without discussing money. We shouldn’t dare enter a marriage relationship without discussing money. Like it or not, money influences every human relationship in some way.

Matters of money can be a minefield of danger for our hearts. Paul is keenly aware of this which explains how carefully he acknowledges the Philippians’ generous gift. Paul also wants them, and us, to know that when we have the right perspective on money, giving can be the best transaction we could ever possibly make.

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