Speaker: Peter Stonecipher

Often in Christian circles we talk about God’s Upside-Down Kingdom. By this we typically mean that God’s ways are not our ways, and that the priorities and ethics of God’s kingdom sometimes seem backward to us. As those living in a fallen world, however, we occasionally need the reminder that we are the ones who are upside-down, not God!

This Sunday morning, we will continue our occasional preaching series The Story of God’s Mission: Key Biblical Texts to Know and Share in God’s Mission. In this series, we are focusing on key sentences in the Old and New Testaments which guide us through the story of God’s mission throughout history. Last week, Jerry kicked off this series by highlighting God’s work of creation in Genesis 1:1. This week, we get to explore the tragic story which led to our upside-down views of God and the world in the first place as we focus on Genesis 2:16-17.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2021/04/20210418.pdf