Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Disciple 1.0 | Book: Matthew

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matt. 5:48)

Surely Jesus didn’t mean that, right? If you thought having a righteousness that surpasses the Pharisees in order to enter the Kingdom of heaven is demanding (Matt. 5:20), this takes the cake. This is a higher standard than even that!

What does that surpassing righteousness or “perfection” look like? Jesus didn’t leave it vague but gave six very specific examples between Matthew 5:20 and 48. These examples contrast a wrong understanding of the Law with the perfect understanding of the Law—the original intent! This Sunday we will explore the first three: relationships, human sexuality, and the mistreatment of women.

First, we will explore Jesus understanding of how “Do not kill” applies as God intended. Then we will explore what God’s law concerning sexuality (“Do not commit adultery”) intended to accomplish. Thirdly, we will talk about how the Pharisees, and sadly many in the church today, sadly misapply statements about divorce harmfully toward the very people for whom God intended His laws to bring mercy.

Join us in worship as we explore Matthew 5:21-48, focusing in on 5:21-32.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2019/03/20190317.pdf