Speaker: Daryn Kinney | Book: Philemon

Speaker: Daryn Kinney

A runaway slave stole from his master, encountered the truth of Jesus while away and returned to the one he stole from with a letter in hand. It doesn’t get more complicated than this. That’s the letter of Philemon! Who in their right mind would return to the one they had stolen and runaway from? How would the one he offended treat him? This is a heart-pounding encounter!

Do we really believe (and live like) the truth of Jesus’ reign over us is so personal and invasive that we will risk our wellbeing, comfort, reputation and even our freedom to faithfully follow Him? The story we find in Philemon tells another story – and we have so much to learn from it. This Sunday we’ll take a break from our current series in Acts and explore this short but powerful letter.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2014/05/20140525.pdf