Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Book: Proverbs

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

As we saw last week, the son of Proverbs has been trained in the way he should go. He might think he is ready, that he has arrived and is ready for life on his own. But no, there is something else that must be done. This young man on the threshold of maturity may think the first two things he needs are money and a wife.

How many young men, when contemplating what they need in order to leave home and make it in life, have thought, “The first thing I need is an education (translation: a job and money), and then I need a woman… a good woman”? The father knows this is what his Hebrew son is thinking, so he must tell him that there is something that must come before those. Something which he must pursue with the same kind of intensity that he might pursue those. Something far more important in laying the right foundation for his household.

If this Hebrew son is like most of us, he may not know where to look. He likely doesn’t want to do the work necessary to obtain it. And He probably doesn’t know why it is so important that he does so. So his father writes him this poem, this appeal, this pleading with love.

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