Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Homeless | Book: 1 Peter

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

As noted in the last sermon, 1 Peter 3:18—3:7 is filled with landmines. There are landmines placed here by our culture. E.g. “Submit yourselves” is a landmine. There are landmines placed by Christians who have used these texts wrongly. Justifying oppressive sinful treatment of others. E.g. Husbands telling their wives to submit and be quiet when wife disagrees with them.

There are other landmines, even some placed here by the Gospel. Jesus’ means of becoming a conquering king required him to be a lamb slain. He calls us to follow Him to that same sacrificial altar, becoming living sacrifices, laying down our lives one for another. Being told we must become a lamb to the slaughter, in a world of standing up for our rights is an offense!

My task as a preacher is to disarm mines that distract us from Peter’s purpose in writing and to detonate the landmines placed by the Gospel. Then we must pray the Spirit puts us back together increasingly conformed to the image of Jesus.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2021/08/20210829.pdf