Speaker: Daryn Kinney | Book: Acts

Speaker: Daryn Kinney

Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “There are many ways to God; it doesn’t matter which path you choose,” “Nothing exists beyond what we can see,” “How can we know for sure God exists?” This Sunday we’ll walk through Acts 17 and discover how Paul spoke of Jesus to a city and culture much like our own, one that held many of the same questions and worldviews I just mentioned. Paul was simply waiting for his friends to show up but he couldn’t stay quiet. He was so provoked by what he saw around him he had to speak up. What did he say and what can we learn from it? How can we share The Story of God in a way that makes sense to our culture without compromising the message? These are the types of questions Acts 17 helps us to answer.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2016/01/20160131.pdf