Speaker: P. Yesupadam | Series: Guest Speakers | Book: Exodus

Speaker: Yesupadam and Monika

Yesupadam was born into India’s “untouchable” class. Embittered by his caste limitations and the dire poverty in which he lived, he turned to communism, alcohol, and gang violence in search for purpose. His whole life changed when he became radically born-again through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

Since then he has been a tireless evangelist reaching out to children as well as the unreached tribal peoples in the mountains of eastern India. He has been stoned for preaching Christ, and rejoiced even before those who threw the stones that he was able to suffer for the One Who died for him. Today his ministry reaches not only India, but Africa, Germany, Canada, and the United States.

Gulf Coast has been partnering with Yesupadam in mission for nearly a decade. We have witnessed his testimony about God’s active work in his own life and to others result in hundreds pray to receive Christ at a time. Pastor Jerry Cisar has traveled a total of about 6 weeks with Yesupadam and his wife doing ministry in Madagascar. He is the real deal.