Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Book: 2 Corinthians

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

January is that time of year that pastors often communicate what the church is doing during the year ahead. They lay out either their one, three, or five-year plan. I confess, I am not much for that sort of thing as it often turns into motivational speeches about the pastor’s favorite project. This Sunday I want to speak about what God has called us to do in 2019… 2020… 2025… well, every year!

Why do we do what we do? Or to ask it another way: What is the goal of our community groups? What are we hoping to see happen because of our Friday AM prayer meetings @ 6:30? Why do we offer biblical counseling free to our members and, as much as possible, to the community? Why do we have classes, yard sales, children’s ministry, re:generation (youth), and premarital counseling? Why do we help one another when in need with meals and share our resources as if they are not our own?

We are striving for something! We are striving for full restoration (2 Cor. 13:11). What does this mean? How do we do it?

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2019/01/20190127.pdf