Speaker: Rob Mastry

Some 500 or so years ago, a law school dropout and young philosopher got caught in a thunderstorm on his way back to school from a trip home to visit his family. With lightning crashing all around him, and no prospect of refuge, he trembled in fear. Nearly petrified, the philosophy student cried out in prayer. It was in that moment that the young man vowed to abandon his pursuits and join the monastery, if only he might be saved from the terrific calamity.

He imminently made good on his covenant and joined the Augustinian order. There he learned ancient languages a studied the sacred texts. As he continued his study of the bible, his understanding of God, and the work of Christ Jesus began to take shape. The Spirit of our Lord moved within him, and his life was forever changed.

God’s Word has the power to create the universe and will one day recreate it. It can destroy cities and restore them. It can transform our lives, building us into the city of God.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2020/09/20200906.pdf