Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Ephesus was the religious capitol of Asia with its worship of Artemis. To this point in Acts, Paul has been forbidden to enter Asia for the spread of the Gospel. At last he is permitted to go. How will the Gospel fare in a region completely saturated in idol worship? After nearly three years of Gospel ministry in Ephesus, in the final scene (Acts 19:21-41), Asia no longer belongs to this goddess, Artemis.

What led to this amazing scene of conflict and defeat for the idolaters? What has produced “such a disturbance about that Way?” In each of the scenes of our text, there is a growing conflict with “the Way.” It begins with what might be called a small disturbance in “the Way,” soon there are people speaking evil of “the Way.” And finally, there is this great disturbance concerning “the Way.”

Each of these scenes contributes something that helps us see the unique claim that Christianity has as the true people of the True and Living God Who alone saves by only One name.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2014/11/20141123.pdf