Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Your Kingdom Come | Book: Matthew

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

“I don’t want to!” is a phrase every parent of a talking child is familiar with. Of course, the goal of the parent is that sometime between then and when they are adults they begin to want to do the things they ought to do. The process that gets them there is called formation.

When we are born into Christ’s kingdom, we are much like that child whose desires need to be reshaped. We know what we ought to want, but we don’t always want it (at least, deep down), so we find ourselves doing not what we want to do, but what we really want to do. Is this what Paul is describing in Romans 7:15?

Jesus has a solution for us and it is found in answer to the disciple’s request that He teach them how to pray. This Sunday we are going to continue our brief series, Your Kingdom Come, as we explore the urgency of this prayer, the requests we are called to make, and why we must allow this prayer to shape our very desires—why this is a key to successful discipleship!

Join us in worship as we take a fresh look at the Lord’s prayer and its use for the making of disciples.

Handout: https://gccc-recordings.s3.amazonaws.com/handouts/20230326.pdf