Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Book: Romans

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

How can an all powerful, all knowing, and good God exist in a world so full of pain and evil? The existence of suffering and evil causes some to think that if God exists, either He is not all knowing, not good, or He must not be all powerful. As believers, we cannot deny that the world is filled with countless instances of evil and suffering. In fact, in Scripture itself, God’s people frequently question God and His management of the world.

Many today ask, “What about those who’ve never heard about God?” The Israelites, the very people to whom God’s revelation had come, asked a more poignant question, “What about those who have?” In other words, “What about us?” For them the question was, “How can the wicked continue to oppress and triumph over us? Have your promises failed? Has God rejected His people? Does God lack the power to save?” These hard questions don’t come from opponents of the Bible, they come from authors and characters in the Bible.

According to Paul’s letter to the Romans, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead answers these questions. Not only does the resurrection of Jesus answer these questions, it calls for a response. Join us as we explore how the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead shows God to be faithful to His promises and calls for a response from us. Paul tells us how the gospel declares Jesus as the Son of God in weakness, the Son of God in power, and the Son of God as Lord.

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