Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: The Word Became Flesh | Book: John

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Allen Ross, discussing the glory of the Incarnation, writes, “For worship to rise above the clutches of a materialistic and secular world, the church must once again focus on such revelations of the LORD of glory.” What is it about this child that was born about 2020 years ago that we should not only celebrate His birth, but worship Him?

John’s Gospel comes to a close with the once skeptical Thomas worshiping with “My Lord and my God!” and it begins telling us why this worship is appropriate. Everything in between is what John and the 1st generation of believers saw in Jesus that answers the question, “Why should we worship Him?”

This Sunday (part 3 of our series, The Word Became Flesh) we arrive at the culmination of John’s introduction. What in one sense is the low point of this prologue is the high point. The Word which was with the Father in glory in eternity past has now become flesh. Yet that which seems to be the very point of God’s weakness, it the place where John and the 1st generation of believers saw the glory of God.

Join us this Sunday for worship as we “focus on such revelations of the LORD of glory” from John 1:14-18 under the headings: 1) What does the Incarnation mean? 2) What does the Incarnation bring? 3) What does the Incarnation reveal?

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2016/12/20161218.pdf