Speaker: Jerry Cisar

The Urban Dictionary defines the acronym W-I-I-F-M as “What’s in it for me?” Adding: A question that may be asked about a new idea or method where the benefits are not obvious. People naturally default to this question when faced with a decision, especially a difficult decision. Sadly it seems to guide our political decisions as well.

When we first came to Christ, it is likely that we reasoned through it, at least in part, with this WIIFM question. We may have answered, heaven, not going to hell, happiness, or fulfillment. For some it may have been blessings, help from God, having your best life now, or becoming a better you. But there comes a day when we must answer that question with: God! – A relationship with God!

I am not suggesting that many of the things I just mentioned might be in the mix for most of us. But I am suggesting that until we love God and have a relationship with God that is not based on those things, our faith has not yet matured, or been completed. In Genesis 15, God assured Abraham that He Himself would be Abraham’s defense and very great reward. In Genesis 22, it is as if the question is, “Is that enough?”

Join us for worship tomorrow as we examine Genesis 22 and finish our series, Genesis: Truth for Understanding the World. Worship is what we are really talking about here. True worship and WIIFM stand in opposition to one another. Let’s come asking the Lord to give us hearts of true worship.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2016/02/20160207.pdf