Speaker: Jerry Cisar

In Genesis 28:10, Jacob begins a journey. He is alone. Having left his family, he is in search of a family. His pursuit of a family is no model for teaching your kids “the way it ought to be done.” It certainly doesn’t roll out as nicely as when Abraham sent his servant to find Rebekah. The servant prayed—clearly trusting the Lord to bring to pass what is needed. Jacob gives little evidence of having this same god-ward attitude and reliance.

The results aren’t as good either. We will find deceit, shame, and stains all affecting his marriage—so much so that it becomes marriages. Can God accomplish his purposes and will through these messed up relationships? What will become of the mission of God to bless the world through Abraham’s descendants?

Jacob is a picture of a man in need of a home, which is perfect because he is on his way to establishing his future family. Unfortunately, he is also haunted by his past. Do you ever feel haunted by the sins of your past? As if, no matter what you do to escape it, it seems that every time you round a corner something from your past is haunting you in your present—something you did to someone else, is now being done to you? Do you wonder if there is any hope for your future because of your past? This week’s text has answers for you about God and His ability to work on your behalf.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2016/10/20161009.pdf