Preacher: Jerry Cisar

If one were to go church shopping for a few months, Sardis would be one of those churches among the finalists to be sure. Well, at least if our church shopping were based on what we could see with our eyes. Another ringer for a finalist? Laodicea.

On the other hand, Smyrna and Philadelphia would be among the first two scratched. They were poor and weak. Suffering seemed to be in the atmosphere. Yet Christ assessed them most highly.

This Sunday we will explore the message from Christ to the church in Sardis. They have a great reputation for doing church right. Indeed, one might call them famous. So what was the rub? Why does Jesus have nothing good to say about them?

Join us in worship as we explore Revelation 3:1-6 in our series The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Worship and Witness in a Winner-takes-all World. You might sum up Jesus’ message to Sardis as, “Wake up, watch out, and get busy!”

Text: Rev. 3:1-6

Themes: Works. Judgment of Christ. Appearances vs. Reality. Name.