Speaker: Jerry Cisar

People look for salvation of one kind or another, to borrow from an old country song, “in all the wrong places.” Some embrace movements that offer a vision of a new age freed from all the ills of this world such as disease, famine, and war. Some look to money as the cure, to various systems of economics, others to political systems that either bring us to the way things were or place their hope in the progress of the human race and its wisdom. Whatever we look to as the source of that salvation is what we worship.

Our text this Sunday (Acts 3) begins with a miracle. This miracle provides a picture of salvation—not just of what the Lord did for the lame man, but also about what the Lord will do for you. This picture of salvation describes the kind of salvation we look for as believers.

Humanity is prone to falsely ascribe power to that which has no power to deliver. It is something like calling hardware store and placing an order for pizza delivery. Except in this case the consequences are eternal and fatal. Peter redirects our gaze from false sources of power to the legitimate source for the power of salvation.

What does salvation promise? How does this miracle help us understand the promise? What do we need to be saved from? How do we lay hold of the salvation spoken of? We will see how the scriptures answer these questions and more.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2014/06/20140622.pdf