Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: God Remembers | Book: Romans

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Does adversity ever make you groan? Do you weep or cry out in your suffering? Are you deeply affected at the suffering of others? All of creation groans at the suffering of this world, and we who have the Spirit do also (Romans 8:18-23). Many of you have faced serious adversity in your lives. Some of you are experiencing serious adversity now. And most of you will face serious adversity in the future.

I find it interesting that, though the Bible is full of adversity, none of my systematic theologies have a chapter, or really even a whole subsection, on adversity or suffering. The reason may be simply that suffering is often assumed because it is our experience. Like a fish, who describing the sea, might forget to mention water. Why is there so much suffering? How do we reconcile this with our faith and the promises of blessing?

We will hear what the Christmas Story teaches us about Adversity. We will examine adversity in three ways: the causes of adversity, the purposes of adversity, and God’s response to adversity in Christmas.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2014/12/20141214.pdf