Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: When Life Gets Twisted | Book: Ecclesiastes

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Leadership talk has been all the craze for at least the last 3 decades. However, leadership by itself is not a good thing. Great leaders with their followers have accomplished great things and great leaders with their followers have committed many atrocities. There is something in the heart of man that loves what makes a great earthly leader, regardless of where they are going.

The Preacher has apparently run headlong into this madness under the sun. And yet, amid that madness he finds a great wisdom that has captured his attention. A wisdom we would do well to be captured by that wisdom too. Iain Provan, commenting on our text, captures the madness well, “At the heart of human existence there is a ‘madness’ that leads us to value what we should not and to despise what is truly valuable. The human tragedy is that we are incapable even of enlightened self-interest, much less the disinterested love of God or neighbor.”

Join us as we explore Ecclesiastes 9:13—10:20. There we discover a wisdom is better than might, and yet one sinner can destroy much good. We must be discerning to navigate the paradox.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2020/07/20200726.pdf