Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Who Is Like God? | Book: Micah

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

For those who are tired of vacation resorts and cruises where you simply relax in the lap of luxury, there is now adventure travel—vacationing with a small group of adventurers on roads less traveled. One site lists their trending most popular adventures: a Morocco Sahara Odyssey, Untamed Iceland, and Ultimate Africa (a Safari adventure in 3 different African nations). If you like cruising, they do it on small ships, say in a group of 24. Adventure travel involves exploration in an “unusual, exotic, remote, or wilderness destination.” Travelers are highly engaged with activities that include perceived (and even actual) risk, potentially requiring specialized skills and physical exertion.

Studying the book of Micah is the Sunday morning version of adventure travel. The prophetic language is unusual and exotic, and the circumstances can feel remote. And clearly, Micah paints the picture of risk—risk in our relationship with God. If you want easy, leisurely sermons, this is not the travel for you. However, if you want to know God, then we must go to the books of the Bible by which God has chosen to make Himself known. If you want to know God, studying Micah is important.

When you’ve read the New Testament, have you ever had questions like these: Is there a difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, which John the Baptist and Jesus came proclaiming, and the Gospel which Paul proclaimed? According to Romans 1:17, Paul’s Gospel reveals the righteousness of God. Does the Gospel of the Kingdom reveal the righteousness of God, and does it also tell us what we must do to be saved? The book of Micah helps to answer questions like these.

Join us as we jump right into the book of Micah and explore the first chapter during our time of worship and explore what the coming King looked like in Micah’s day.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2017/06/20170618.pdf