Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Who Is Like God? | Book: Micah

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Thirty-six years ago this month, the day after our wedding, Donna and I pulled out from in front of the house my family lived in and headed for Utah to plant a church. I was two months shy of my 19th birthday. I don’t recommend this. I was in no way ready to plant a church. However, 10 months before this, out of seemingly nowhere, I was struck with a strong desire and urge that the Lord wanted me to go to Utah and plant a church.

The next 10 years of ministry was truly a death for me. Theologically, spiritually, etc. When we left Utah, I was far more ready for ministry than when we started, and yet I was stepping away from ministry for what turned out to be the next 8 years—buried.

I remain convinced that it was ultimately from the Lord for me to go to Utah, but not for the purposes I thought. Because I was in Christ, by grace alone, I had already been joined to Christ in His death and resurrection, so that no matter how hard those 10 years were, nothing could separate me from the love of God. However, I realize that in my false doctrine, and proud delusion about myself, hearing the Lord tell me to go plant a church, might be just the prophecy for me—the only word from the Lord I could hear.

In Micah 2 (see vs. 11) we encounter a people for whom the only word they may receive from the Lord is a delusion, and it will be the death of them. Yet out of this, the Lord promises a future hope, a future hope that is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Join us to worship our Savior and explore the depths of God’s means of working salvation through judgment and salvation, death and resurrection.

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