Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Who Is Like God? | Book: Micah

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

In what do you trust? This coming Tuesday we celebrate the 241st birthday of the United States of America. I love our country just as many in Jerusalem in Micah’s time loved their country and its capitol city. But their love for country was not exempt from being judged idolatrous, nor was Jerusalem or the Temple exempt from being a false source of security.

Which of the following have you said or thought? “God has a destiny for our nation to spread freedom and the Gospel around the world, therefore He will protect us.” “America will be blessed because we support Israel and those who bless Abraham will be blessed according to Genesis 12:3 (and apparently it applies to national Israel today also).” “God will bless our nation because we finance most of the mission work around the world.” “God will protect the nation of Israel from her enemies because they are the chosen people. Therefore the nations which want to see their demise, will ultimately fail.”

In Micah 3 we see similar beliefs among the rulers of Judah. And we see that these kinds of beliefs are a misplaced trust which create a false sense of security. Join us as we explore what the prophet Micah said to the rulers of Jerusalem, and what he has to say to us today!

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