Sunday April 13th 2014/ 21st Anniversary of Gulf Coast Community Church

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When I was asked to relate how my Gulf Coast family affected me through the last 14 years, my reaction was fear. I talk a lot but am not good at speaking. Then I soon realized, this is a great opportunity for me, while I am still on this earth, to tell all of you how this family affected me.

For 40 years I was as far away from God, as anyone could be. Then out of nowhere, and later realize was God’s plan to pull me back to Him, I was taking a walk, and here comes Jerry Cisar, not knowing then what I soon found out a faithful, strong servant of God. He extended me an invitation to an Alpha program being given by Gulf Coast. This was an introduction or re-introduction to Christ.

I was interested to see what this would bring to my life, but I was also hesitant. I was too involved with the world. This might mean change. I wasn’t quite ready. I kind of came in like a spoiled child needing direction. For those of you who think I am still a spoiled child, remember we are all still a work in progress!

It didn’t take long for God’s plan to start. He put me in a family that blessed me with love, prayers, hugs, smiles, and so much more. I realized God’s love in this family drew me in gently but firmly, holding on to me, not for their sake but for mine. They love the Lord and wanted me to share that love. Well my journey home began.

We all need encouragement and leadership. I feel so blessed to have pastors that teach not just preach, that take seriously the task they are given to guide us in our path to eternal life with our God.

For the care groups that have given so much in my life, thank you!

Recently I needed counsel in my life for an ongoing sin. Daryn reached out to me, not just as a pastor but a friend. He helped me walk through my repentance with dignity, not condemnation, giving me the tools both physical and emotional. A very close friend stood by and encouraged me all the way. Thank God for both of you.

Gulf Coast is my church family. I love and feel beyond blessed that God put me here.

In closing, I would like to say to those of you who are seeking a church home, not just a congregation, Gulf Coast offers a warm, loving way to see the Savior through His people. Are we perfect? No! That is waiting on the other side. But we are working on it always.