Unseduced and Unshaken – a six week book study for young women starting June 18th

Good Morning, my name is April Sarlo.  I am here to talk to you about an exciting book I am going to help college and young career ladies walk through.  It is called Unseduced and Unshaken.  It is a book that will help to guide us through some tough topics about how to be a women of faith in today’s culture.

11 years ago I started my career out of college, as a physical therapist.  It is and was a great career choice but quickly after I was exploring the working world and the independence of becoming an adult it turned out to be tougher than I thought.  Being a women today we are pull into many directions of what it means to be a women and how to live our lives.   I turned to main stream culture at the beginning of my career and was wrapped up in thinking my image, relationships, titles, paychecks and living a certain lifestyle could define happiness.  Even in my spare time, during my play and leisure with the relationships that I had built, I knew something was missing.  I remember wanting to meet a man and get married and have kids thinking this was the next best thing to bring me happiness.  I remember feeling empty and lonely.

I grew up in church, but had gone away from making God a priority in my life for much of my college, graduate school and now the first few years of my career.  I had met a girl in my kickball league who invited me to her church.  I started going on Sundays and even started going to a singles service they had on Tuesdays night specifically for young professionals.  During that time Jesus started to speak to me and I began to realize the great career and life I was trying to build was empty without Jesus in my life.  Then Memorial Day weekend in 2007, I got down on my knees again and asked him to come back into my life.

Slowly over the next few years I found myself convicted with what kind of woman God wanted me to be.  I had to learn to be intentional to make godly choices, cultivate my knowledge of his will for my life and not fear being different from today’s culture if I made those choices.

The book Unseduced and Unshaken is a collection of essays to help young women today make choices into today’s culture that reflect the character of god.  We as Christian women need to band together to discuss these difficult topics addressed in this book.  I am excited to walk through this book and I invite all the young women in our church to join me.  We will be meeting for 6 Saturdays starting June 18th.  Please let us know before June 11th if possible, so we can get a copy of the book for you.  We will have a sign-up sheet in the back. If you have any questions, please feel free speak to me at the break or see the information in the bulletin.  Thanks so much for listening and God Bless.