Hello, Good Morning Gulf Coast. My name is Jordan and I am a Junior elementary education major at USFSP. I am very excited to be here this morning to share with you all how God has restored my life and how he is currently working in my heart.

My parents love the Lord and have taught me from a young age that my life was meant to glorify him. I grew in knowledge of Him but it took a drastic and heartbreaking situation to really draw me close to Him and call him my Savior.

At the age of 15, my parents got a divorce. The divorce completely broke the smallest trust I had in God and even broke my relationship with my parents, especially with my mom. I became depressed, sleeping the day away whenever I had the chance. My constant attitude was pure anger and unfortunately I took most of that anger out on my mother. I would not resist to ask her, “WHY? Why our family? Why me?”

Three months of depression and anger took over my life until God revealed himself to me through a song. I turned on the Christian radio while doing homework and the All Son’s and Daughters’ song “A Reason to Sing” came on. Listening to the lyrics about suffering in loneliness and how God has already overcome that fear for us brought me to believe that my God is personal and has control over my life and my family’s life. Since then, God has completely transformed my mom and I’s relationship. I believe that this is like how God has restored and renewed my life from one of rebellion and anger to one of obedience and joy.

Three years later I started God’s next plan for my life here in St. Petersburg. I became very involved in COMission activities such as our weekly on campus meeting the 901, community groups, and personal small groups with some sweet friends. Last summer I was a part of the summer mission’s trip to East Asia. There were many things God has taught me and revealed in my heart during this trip. One of those is prayer. These past few years I have always struggled with the concept of prayer. I always wondered if I was “good enough” or “worthy enough” to ask God for help. Was He even listening to a sinner like me? During my trip, I read an article by Tim Keller called The Greatness of Prayer. This article changed everything I thought I knew about prayer. Prayer is essential to our relationship with God. In fact, I believe prayer is a measure of our spiritual integrity. Even during hard times, do we pursue God through prayer? John 4:23 assures us that prayer will bear fruit, because God seeks for us to worship Him. I want to worship God through prayer but also through mission. As John Piper says, “Mission exists because worship doesn’t.” When I think of Jesus’ return I think of all the nations with their unique language singing praise to our Father. Next Winter I will be returning to the country that God has set on my heart in East Asia. Please know that the Lord is making His name known in East Asia and that your prayers and support are a part of God’s kingdom being made known.

I want to encourage you all that you and your families are a huge part of God’s continuing work of transformation in my life and other student’s lives. Kason and Brittany come immediately to mind when I think of the many relationships God has placed in my life. I have grown to see them as part of my family; they are people that I can go to with requests for prayer and praise and having them openly come to me about areas in my life where I still fall short. I also want to thank God for two special ladies from Gulf Coast: Rita and Susie. They have taught me to continue a prayerful life through praying through the Psalms and memorizing scripture. Thank you Gulf Coast for investing in student’s lives like mine. Thank you.