Don’t Hide Behind the Chainsaws

[Due to the graphic nature of this post, I do not recommend this blog for post-abortive mothers. While we grieve with you deeply, the point of this blog is to help those who would otherwise join the ranks of post-abortive mothers or post-abortive babies.]

Reading: Isaiah 5:20

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. (Isaiah 5:20)

GEICO has added yet another brilliant commercial to their long list of hits. The GEICO horror movie commercial begins with a group of four young adults running scared through the woods. Stumbling upon an old cabin, each suggests what to do: “Let’s hide in the attic.” “No, in the basement.” Then a young woman has the only smart thought amongst them, “Why can’t we just get in the running car?!” She is dismissed as crazy by the others in the group, “Are you crazy?! Let’s hide behind the chainsaws.” They agree “That’s smart.” “Yeah, okay,” concedes the young woman with the only good idea as if to say, “I’m sorry I made such a stupid suggestion!” Then the punch-line from the narrator, “If you’re in a horror movie you make poor decisions. It’s what you do,” as the group runs behind the chainsaws, not noticing the murderer with a white mask standing behind them. The murderer gives them a look as if he can’t believe how stupid they are.

A Real-life Horror

I think this little narrative may describe more than simply actors in a horror film. It well describes real people in a real-life horror—abortion. The scene inside the mind of a mother may feel a little like running scared through the woods from some unclear threat. The threat is often compounded by those around her with a vested interest in a certain decision—an abortion. They bully her with fears about how she is going to provide, how this will change her life, why this is only a mass of cells and not a tiny little baby (never mind the heart-beat).

Their motivations are different than hers. For the parents, it may be shame or the fear of having to raise the child themselves. For the boyfriend or husband, it may be the fear of having to support a child or be committed to a relationship he was only in for convenience. There is nothing convenient about this pregnancy. For the doctors and nurses at the clinic, it is about their pocket book and an ideology they are committed to; an ideology that rings hollow in their souls but, just as the naked emperor’s deception is propped up by the cheering crowds, their false ideology is propped up by the requests for abortion. As long as people keep making this choice the ideology must be right and their gnawing guilt is assuaged.

With their various motivations they pressure the mother, who herself may be thinking, “Shouldn’t I just get in the car and drive away rather than go into the clinic of chainsaws that will chop my baby asunder?” Or, she may have motivations of her own—selfish motivations, fearful motivations, hiding shame motivations. Any or all of these often cloud her thinking and prevent the only wise decision.

Real-life Chainsaws

Then there is the baby in the womb. If only the baby could see outside the womb and realize what is about to happen. The baby would be crying out, “Get in the car… get in the car… drive away while we can. Please, get in the car. Not the chainsaws…. please not the chainsaws.” But the baby’s voice is not heard. The baby doesn’t even know about the chainsaws. The hacking apart, the saline solution that will burn his or her lungs for hours unless the hacking apart kills him or her first.

Maybe we should change the punch-line from the commercial to this: “If you’re at an abortion clinic you make poor decisions. It’s what you do.” But you don’t have to. You don’t have to cave into the outside pressure from the bullies in your life (parents, boyfriends, or abortion workers), and you don’t have to listen to the bullies within you (fears and selfish desires). You can think of the precious life God has placed in your womb as a gift. This gift will change you indeed, but for the better if you embrace God’s gift of life.

Real-life Poor Decisions

There is yet one more connection between the commercial and the abortion industry. (Thanks GEICO for giving us such a great picture of this horror called abortion.) Any public figure who speaks out against this horror, like the young lady in the commercial crying, “Why can’t we just get in the running car?!” is often dismissed as crazy. Crazy and neanderthal for suggesting that one should not kill an infant but protect it. Crazy for suggesting that the gift of life is a far greater and more important gift than the ability to make a decision about ones own body.

Imagine the same logic applied to this woman if she were standing on the ledge of a tall building about to jump. Who would say to her, “You have the right to choose for your own body what you want. No one should interfere with your decision to jump”? No we would do all we could to persuade her not to jump. I guess it is okay so long as she is only throwing someone else over the ledge.

When the government leader or one who desires public office speaks out, we immediately hear the cry that it is not government’s job to legislate morality. Many politicians like to straddle the fence saying, “Personally I am pro-life, but I don’t think the government should impose its will.” Of course, they don’t say that when it comes to taxes, murder, or terrorism. In every other area they are perfectly fine with the government saying, “Pay your taxes or else,” and “do not murder, or else.” They would never suggest that terrorists have the right to do with their own bodies what they want, even if it means being a suicide bomber that takes the lives of others. They would never suggest that it isn’t government’s right to impose their will in this area.

Far too often those who speak up and suggest, “Why can’t we just get in the running car?!” when derided and bullied by the “pro-choice” (meaning pro-death) crowd, give in to the insanity of the group and sheepishly conform as if to say, “I’m sorry I suggested it.” But it was not the girl suggesting the running car that was crazy in the commercial, it was her three friends. Don’t cave into the bullying.

A Real-life Solution

The idea that the chainsaws within the abortion clinic are a refuge and solution is a tragic choice that ultimately proves to be a very bad idea. Behind these non-fictional chainsaws hides the murder of infants and years of guilt and torment for a mother. As believers, we grieve for both the children who are gone and the mother who has to live with this reality. When Christ died on the cross He bore the injustice that these children in the womb suffer. In that same place, He bore the guilt and shame of the mother who now realizes that she has taken part in condemning the innocent. Therefore He offers forgiveness to all who call on His name.

Love the Gospel, Live the Gospel, Advance the Gospel,

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