Speaker: Jerry Cisar

To say that the last few years have been historic in regard to the issues of “race relations” in America may be an understatement. Issues of justice and oppression have been brought back into the public conversation. The Bible has much to add to this conversation as the subjects of justice and the oppression of the poor receive significant space in it. Therefore we must also speak about these issues. Sunday morning we will examine foundational truths about racism from the book of Genesis; truths on which to build in the future.

However, I confess that I will speak from a position of weakness, a position of knowing I have much more to learn than to teach on this subject. I am also likely to offend some, both because of things I say poorly, and because of hard things that need to be said. In one sermon I can do little to effect a change and little to move us to action. But I don’t doubt the power of God’s word and truth to produce far beyond what could ever be measured inside the seed itself. The first time I preached on the abortion issue many years ago, two people were launched into ministries to effect that matter of injustice.

We must not be satisfied to say, “The Gospel is the answer,” without speaking to how the Gospel calls us to be a part of that answer. It isn’t enough to say, “The church is the only agency that can solve this crisis,” without actually being a church that helps solve the crisis.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2016/01/20160124.pdf