Preacher: Jerry Cisar

The message of the Gospel is the most important message in all the world. Yet for most of us, if someone asks us, “What is the Gospel?” we have to pause, minimally, and often struggle to articulate it. When we finally do articulate it, we wonder if we got it right. Or worse, we think we have it right but wonder what relevance it has to the person we told.

Have you ever read the sermons in the book of Acts and noticed how different the emphasis of those sermons seems compared to what might be emphasized in a Gospel sermon today? I have. Early in my preaching ministry it bothered me. It bothered me enough to really think about it.

We’ve all heard that “gospel” means good news, but is it any good news? Is allgood news the Gospel? Certainly not. For that matter, does gospel actually mean good news? I.e. Is etymology (the study of how a word was formed) meaning?

This Sunday we begin a new series, Gospel Clarity: What is the Gospel and Why Do We Need It? We will begin this study looking at Isaiah 52:7, one of the most gospel saturated verses in the Bible.