Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Imagining the Kingdom | Book: Hebrews

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

The metaverse has taken imagination to a whole new level. In it imaginary real estate is created, deeded, bought, sold, and rented out for real $$. If you need a board room for a meeting, you’ll pay more for one with a view. The Nomadx Foundation notes on its website,

“Even though a metaverse is a place that exists only on a computer, it’s just as real as any other place you’ve been to before. You could say that the metaverse is like a vacation from reality: you can create an avatar for yourself and pretend to be someone else for a while, or you can use your imagination and explore new places that aren’t real at all—but still feel real!”

Of course, I would argue that it is not just as real, but that, for them, is beside the point. I have some friends who, a few months ago, were trying to explain the metaverse to me. When they got to the part about people holding real estate and renting it out to other people who want to use it, I knew right then I wasn’t getting on that train. However, it does reveal the power which can be harnessed by the human imagination.

Believers have a sure hope. The Bible commits a significant amount of space to stirring our imaginations about that hope. The OT Prophets speak of God’s coming kingdom. The book of Revelation uses vivid imaginative pictures to help us understand how things really are.

God wants His people to harness the power of sanctified imagination. Join us as we begin a new series, Imagining the Kingdom.

Handout: https://gccc-recordings.s3.amazonaws.com/handouts/20230507.pdf