Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Happy New Year! As we start the year, in a new series, we are going to be highlighting different ways that we are to be participants in advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom. This Sunday we will focus on kingdom praying. By kingdom praying, I simply mean praying with the purposes, the values, the mission of God’s Kingdom, or rule in the earth. This is important for your personal prayer life, and essential for our corporate prayer life (how we pray together).

Do you ever read those descriptions in Acts about how the believers lifted their voices in one accord to God and wondered how that could be accomplished? Or read about Jesus’ times of prayers and wondered what kinds of things he prayed about? Is there any connecting theme to the various kinds of things we should pray for when we gather?

Of course, learning to pray together is not merely an academic endeavor any more than learning soccer is. One must put it into practice before any of this will matter. Much praying that is only slightly focused on God’s kingdom purposes is better than very kingdom focused prayers that are never uttered. All the learning about prayer and the importance of praying together, without the actual coming together to pray, will make no difference in the world. There are no armchair quarterbacks in kingdom praying.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2022/01/20220102.pdf