Speaker: Jerry Cisar

There are movie remakes, the obvious ones with the same title, and then there are remakes, the not so obvious ones. Not only has The Magnificent Seven been remade, but the original was itself a remake of Seven Samurai. Just take out the Samurais and substitute cowboys. Flubber, with Robin Williams, is a direct remake of The Absent-Minded Professor; You’ve Got Mail a remake of The Shop Around the Corner.

The Bible is full of remakes because history is full of remakes. There are more obvious ones. Like Abram telling Pharaoh that Sarah was his sister, and then both Abraham and Isaac doing the same thing to Abimelech. For that matter, the life of Jesus himself is cast in the Gospels as a remake of the story of Israel (e.g. going through the water into 40 days/years in the wilderness with testing).

I offer that the story of the so-called demoniac at Gerasenes or Gadarenes is a remake of David and Goliath. That this story is commonly called “The Gadarene Demoniac,” might illustrate one problem we have in spiritual warfare, namely that we join the man and the demon in our minds. The citizens of Gerasenes did not realize that the problem was not flesh and blood (Eph. 6:12). Just ask them. They chained the man. They kept the man under watch. They continually tried to subdue him. All to no avail.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2022/01/20220123.pdf