On Earth as it is in Heaven

January 21, 2024

Preacher: Jerry Cisar

The book of Revelation describes beasts, dragons, plagues, wrath, persecutions, and rewards. It is filled with visual stimuli such as blood, fire and even meteors as well as threats and promises. It finally comes to a glorious, surprising, and transforming end.

Revelation 21-22 is not only about the future, it has a lot to do with the present, a present which is anchored in a sure future. The visions of John call us out of the earthly city, Babylon, the capitol city of the Beast, and call us to the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem, the capital city of the Lamb.

As believers we are called to live as citizens of the New Jerusalem now. We may live here, but we are to live here as if we are from there.

Join us in worship as we finish our series in Revelation, seeking to understand the what and when of the New Jerusalem, and how John’s vision calls us to live today.

Handout: https://gccc-recordings.s3.amazonaws.com/handouts/20240121.pdf